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Monday, June 12, 2023 - Dallas, TX

What an incredible event today hosted by Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition located at the NCTCOG Transportation Department in Arlington, TX! We were joined by Savana Nance, Amy Hodges, Juliana VandenBorn, Joslyn Billinngs and staff from North Central Texas Council of Governments as well as interns from Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition. The synergy among these dedicated professionals was truly inspiring as we discussed our collective efforts to promote clean transportation and sustainable solutions in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Together, we are making a positive impact on reducing emissions and creating a greener future for our community.

After the event, we continued our journey, heading towards Baton Rouge, LA. As we arrived at our designated charging station, we encountered an unexpected obstacle—the charger was inoperable due to a malfunctioning credit card reader. Fortunately, we were well-prepared with the support of e-Boost. Their fast charger swiftly came to our rescue, providing a quick and efficient charge of around 45 minutes, bringing us up to 80% battery capacity.

We then made our way to our hotel, which unfortunately did not have its own charging stations. However, thanks to the convenience and reliability of e-Boost, we were able to recharge our vehicle once again, making our stay all the more convenient and stress-free.

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