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Daphne Dixon and Alyssa Murphy are on a mission to reduce range anxiety, which research has proven is a leading barrier to EV adoption, and to show how much fun it is to drive 5,000 miles, Coast-to-Coast in an all electric vehicle! 

2023 Communities

Sacramento, CA


June 5th 

Event Details  

Are you EV Ready?

» Electric School Bus Fleet

» Electric Police Fleet

» Electric Municipal Fleet

» Electric Business Fleets

» Consumer EV Adoption

» Ports and Transit Agencies

» Public/Destination Charging

» MUD Charging

» Single Family Charging

» Equitable Charging

» Mobile Charging

» EV Zoning Regulations

» EVSE Permitting and Tracking

» Back-up Power/Microgrids

» Workplace Charging

» Utility/Grid Planning

» Community Awareness Campaign

» EV Readiness Policy 

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