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Monday, June 26, 2023 - Rhode Island

This morning, we found ourselves we found ourselves at the final destination of our coast-to-coast EV road trip, Newport, Rhode Island.

Leaving from our home state, we began this leg with the entire Connecticut Southwestern Area Clean Cities Coalition team.

The Ocean State Clean Cities Coalition welcomed us with open arms, hosting our finale event at the historic Fort Adams. Their support and hospitality added a distinct charm to our stop, demonstrating the spirit of collaboration that propels the clean transportation movement. We were delighted to utilize their top-notch ChargePoint Chargers, seamlessly operated by Rhode Island Energy, to refuel our Chevrolet Bolt EUV provided by our sponsor Hertz.

Amidst the historic backdrop of Fort Adams, we had the privilege of witnessing innovation in action. Our partner AAA Northeast showcased their mobile charging unit – a technological marvel designed to provide EVs with the extra charge needed to reach the next station. This groundbreaking solution epitomizes AAA's leadership in the clean transportation space and their commitment to driving a sustainable future.

Before heading back to Headquarters from Newport, RI, we made a quick stop to give our car a little extra charge. It was the perfect training opportunity for Claire Abate, the navigator for the 2024 Coast to Coast EV Road Trip. We were amazed by Claire's skills as she effortlessly used the ChargeHub app to locate, pay, and start a charge at a convenient ChargePoint charger. Her skillful handling of this advanced technology assures us that next year's road trip will be guided by a capable hand and an electric future.

Our coast-to-coast EV road trip has been more than just a physical journey – it's been a dynamic dialogue, a collaboration of like-minded individuals, and a celebration of sustainable progress. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our partners, sponsors, and the communities that welcomed us with open arms. As we conclude this chapter, we're excited for the future chapters we'll write together in the pursuit of a cleaner, greener world.

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