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Tuesday, June 13, 2023 - Shreveport, LA

This morning, we had our final charge with e-Boost in Shreveport, LA, and we couldn't be more grateful for their exceptional support throughout our journey. A special shoutout to Jose, Veronica, and the entire e-Boost team for their flexibility, availability, and for making charging so seamless and convenient. We couldn't have asked for a better partner on our coast-to-coast EV road trip!

We stopped in at the local Hertz location in Shreveport, LA. There we met with Tyler from Louisiana Clean Fuels to discuss the city's strides in alternative clean fuels. From biofuels to natural gas and electric vehicles, Shreveport is embracing a sustainable future. We're grateful to Tyler, the Louisiana Clean Fuels team, and Hertz for sharing their insights and commitment to cleaner transportation.

From Shreveport, we continued our journey to Baton Rouge, LA. Along the way, we made a planned stop at a ChargePoint charging station, which we discovered through the convenient ChargeHub app. The charging station itself was reliable and efficient, delivering the power we needed to keep moving forward. However, the scorching heat outside posed a challenge. The charging station was exposed to direct sunlight, making our stop quite uncomfortable.

This experience highlighted the importance of considering the environmental factors when designing charging stations. As EV drivers, we rely on these stations to replenish our vehicles' batteries, and it would be immensely helpful if they were equipped with overhead covers to provide some much-needed shade. Not only would this protect us from the sweltering heat, but it would also shield the charging equipment from excessive heat exposure, potentially improving its performance and longevity.

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