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Monday, June 19, 2023 - East Carolina University, NC

This morning, we made a stop at East Carolina University, where we had the pleasure of utilizing the excellent ChargePoint chargers available on campus. These chargers provided a quick and efficient charging experience, allowing us to power up our vehicle and continue on our journey.

During our time at the university, we had the opportunity to speak with Chad Carwein, the ECU Sustainability Manager, who shared exciting insights into the university's plans to expand their charging network. It was inspiring to hear about their commitment to providing more charging infrastructure to support electric vehicle adoption on campus and in the surrounding community.

In addition, we learned that East Carolina University has received funding from the Volkswagen Settlement Grant to acquire two electric vehicles, which will be available for use in 2024. This investment further demonstrates the university's dedication to sustainable transportation and reducing emissions.

Our conversations also led us to connect with Alrik Lunsford, a Clean Transportation Specialist from the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center. Alrik provided valuable information and resources regarding clean transportation initiatives in the state, enhancing our understanding of the broader efforts to advance sustainable mobility.

We are grateful for the warm reception and informative discussions we had at East Carolina University. It is truly encouraging to witness the commitment of educational institutions and organizations like ECU and the North Carolina Clean Energy Technology Center in driving the transition to cleaner transportation options.

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